Daily Yinz – Rave Ami – Nausea Ad Nauseam

Rave Ami is a beloved Pittsburgh rock group that celebrated its 10th anniversary this past weekend.

Just in time for their decade-versary, the Rave boys released the single “Nausea Ad Nauseam,” which sees them trade their usual garage grit for baroque elegance. The moment the track begins with a mellifluous “Hmmm-mmm,” and you hear an accordion/string/synth-type sound kick in with a stately staccato pattern while bass bubbles underneath, you know you’re in for a dose of Pet Sounds-y sun ‘n’ clouds. As the opening melody repeats like a spinning top, more layers are stacked above, until some feathery vocal harmonies are introduced during the song’s bridge that scrape the ceiling of Rave Ami’s proverbial chamber. From there it’s back to the chorus for one more jouncy singalong, and then fade out to string coda. Like the best throwback psychedelia, “Nausea Ad Nauseam” is rickety, lush, and hooky; clearly, Rave Ami has aged like a fine California wine.

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