Daily Yinz – Black N Mild Child – Daily Driver

Pittsburgh/Maryland rapper Black N Mild Child lives up to his moniker by way of gritty bars and blunted beatscapes.

Black N Mild Child’s new album, Pacemaker, dropped earlier this week. Its highlight is “Daily Driver,” a lush slice of melodic swamp-trap that creeps along at a stoned snail’s pace. Black weaves his way through a jungle full of menacing synths and woeful vocal samples, “whipping the Civic” and “coming for your soul” as he stakes his claim as creator of musical ambrosia for “underground heads.” Funereal strings swell for a moment before a multilayered chorus of distorted voices bursts into gnarled song. “I’ve been getting faded with my homies down in Maryland,” howls Black, weary and haunted as he compares his substance use to a science experiment; he admits, “Careless/At least I know it’s crazy/I’m aware of it.” “Daily Driver” is an enveloping rap lament by an artist that knows how to create an atmosphere.

Check out more from Black N Mild Child and follow him on Instagram

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