Bored In Pittsburgh January 2020 Playlist

A playlist containing some of the songs featured on Bored In Pittsburgh this past month

January 2020 songs that aren’t on Spotify (and where to find them)

Cloning – weighted

How things are made x Skeletonized – How Skeletonized Is Made

The Clock Reads – Elation

Hozay Bandz – Baby Boy

Terence Etc – Like That Tho?

Julian Glander – ANTASIA: Music for my Little Six-Legged Friends

Rhyme – Nirvana

Madame Swann – La Mort De Swann

Fictional Girlfriend – Serotonin Shuffle

Bottomfed – Hunter

Don Juancho Villa – Zuchinni flute

Y.LOH – Océano


Ferran Besalduch – VELA

Sober Clones – Wait Till You Know

Blashy and Purple Palm – Late Night Bug Catching


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