Daily Yinz – chris††† – Victim

Chris††† is an irreverent Pittsburgh vaporwave artist that borrows liberally from all corners of the musicverse.

Chris†††’s new single, Victim, takes a step away from the frantic plunderphonics of some earlier releases and into the realm of stately instrumental grandeur. The single’s title track is the kind of thing that would play in a movie directly after a cataclysm. Synth tones spiral upward to start, and are soon joined by foreboding, detuned horn blasts. Things are stripped down once again to a single, repeating stab of melody, before being built back up by dirge-like choral vocals and elegiac strings. The whole thing sounds like a postmodern requiem for the future collapse of society, the moment when the holographic ashes have settled and we survey the ruins of our digital world. So, “Victim” is a nice, lighthearted jaunt for the beginning of the new decade.

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