Daily Yinz – Sierra Sellers – Grown

Sierra Sellers, recently named by NPR as an artist to watch in 2020, starts the year off strong with “Grown.”

The track, produced by Drop0uts, is about as minimalist as they come, consisting of not much more than an unhurried funk bass line (courtesy of Jonny Goood, a member of Lady Gaga’s live band), some understated percussion, and Sellers’s coolly chiding vocal turn. She begins the song by warning, “Ain’t too grown to hurt your feelings,” and proceeds to castigate a significant other who isn’t acting their age; if this person doesn’t shape up, Sellers makes it clear that bags will soon be packed, and they won’t be hers. Occasionally, rich guitar tones and liquid synth cabochons bubble out of the silence, adding some aqueous oomph to Sellers’s most withering takes. Like last summer’s “Cookout,” “Grown” finds Sellers brushing her shoulders off with the only the slightest amount of exertion.

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