Daily Yinz – Facewreck – Losin’ My Cool

Facewreck is a Pittsburgh hardcore act that pledges undying fealty to the power of the eternal mosh pit.

Facewreck recently released 2020 Single 1 Yo, which is (surprise!) their first single of the new decade. It features the track “Losin’ My Cool,” a fightin’ song if I’ve ever heard one. If the 2010’s were the 80’s-revival years, then it’s looking like the 2020’s are going to be full of frosted tips, wallet chains, and baggy jeans, because “Losin’ My Cool” sounds like it came straight out of the nu-metal salad days of the late 90’s. This song brings the highest level of Limp Bizkit energy that I’ve experienced since The Wonder Years covered “Rollin‘” and “Break Stuff” at their 2019 Pittsburgh Halloween show at Mr. Smalls. There’s DJ scratching, rhythmic guitar churn, screaming/rapping, and a “Hoo-aahh!” rallying cry. Your ass will be kicked, and your face will be wrecked.

Check out more from Facewreck and follow them on social media

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