Daily Yinz – BrothaMans – Ctrl

BrothaMans is a Pittsburgh-area polymath who runs the indie entertainment company Man Made Studios and also makes music of his own. He released his latest EP, Ref5esh, last week.

“Ctrl,” the EP’s first song proper after the brief “PWR ON” intro, begins with a sample of the Her-associated Alan Watts monologue about falling in love. In this snippet, Watts posits that falling in love is an inherently irrational and risky act, so perhaps this track could also have been called “Lack of Ctrl.” BrothaMans goes in over a languid, wavy instrumental that sounds like it’s drifting to your ears from the bottom of a deep pool of water. He admits, “Not used to speaking about my feelings,” but, hey, he’s “in his feels for real,” so he can make an exception here. His woozily melodic delivery conveys the dazed feeling that accompanies admitting one’s romantic feelings for another person (which, after all, is a “quite mad” thing to do, according to Watts); “Ctrl” is a love song, but it’s not necessarily a happy one. BrothaMans has captured the totality of a new romance in all its trepidation, confusion, and intoxication.

On a related note, since it’s Friday, you should go out and do something once you’ve escaped work/class/whatever! BrothaMans, along with a number of other local artists, will be playing the “I Love PGH Hip Hop Showcase” tonight at Smiling Moose on Carson St, starting 8pm. Info and tickets are available at the above link.

Check out more from BrothaMans and follow him on social media

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