Daily Yinz – Driving While Black Records – Crazy Taxi

Driving While Black Records is an independent hip-hop label founded by Pittsburgh’s own Jordan Montgomery; the imprint released its first compilation album, Support Black Business, last week.

The majority of the work on Support Black Business is handled by Driving While Black rappers Livefromthecity, JM the Poet, and Montgomery himself. My personal favorite from the album is “Crazy Taxi,” a zany, pass-the-rock caper detailing one wild night in the life of the DWB crew. The artists’ sense of camaraderie, made apparent by the way they trade bars and expand on each other’s ideas, reminds me of A Tribe Called Quest’s relaxed shit-shooting on tracks like “I Left My Wallet In El Segundo.” “Crazy Taxi,” which is based on a true story (Live promises at the beginning of the track), describes the experience of arriving at an airport in some unnamed town, flirting with an Uber driver, throwing up in the Uber, finding a venue based on a sketchy promoter’s DM, getting shot at, escaping, and engaging in a Hennessy-fueled search for food. The Uber driver, a Keke Palmer lookalike, pops up throughout the action so many times that it becomes a running joke by the end of the track. The last thing you hear after the music fades out is the sound of three artists laughing at the zaniness of the yarn they’ve spun.

Check out more from Support Black Business and follow Driving While Black Records on social media

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