Daily Yinz – Flower Crown – High Fantasy

Pittsburgh dream-poppers Flower Crown follow up their successful May full-length, Sundries, with the single "High Fantasy," released this past Friday. Flower Crown has a real knack for turning its guitar riffs into hooks. In true dream-pop fashion, Richie Colosimo's vocals are often obscured by billowing clouds of reverb and ambient haze, so the six strings … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Flower Crown – High Fantasy


Daily Yinz – One800 – Pittsburgh City Limits

One800 are a production trio that works with Los Angeles-via-Pittsburgh rapper My Favorite Color; the outfit's new Pittsburgh City Limits project showcases the talents of a number of local artists. On Pittsburgh City Limits, the One800 boys create smoky, atmospheric beats suffused with cavernous bass and tightly-wound trap percussion, evocative canvases on top of which … Continue reading Daily Yinz – One800 – Pittsburgh City Limits

Daily Yinz – Sierra Sellers – Cookout (Friendship Session)

Pittsburgh neo-soul singer/songwriter Sierra Sellers recently stopped by the Bike Petals and Beanstalks Greenhouse for a Friendship Session. The highlight of the performance is an organic, jazzified take on Sellers's summer single "Cookout," augmented here by sax, keys, drums and bass. The song, an already casual brush-off of toxic people, is made even cooler by … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sierra Sellers – Cookout (Friendship Session)

Daily Yinz – Princess Nostalgia – Thank Heavens 4 Opposable Thumbs

Pittbsurgh/Vermont-based artist Lili Traviato's latest album as Princess Nostalgia, Thank Heavens 4 Opposable Thumbs, is out today, and represents her most fully realized work to date. ### Lili Traviato has always identified herself as a producer first and a singer second. She hammers the point home at every opportunity because of the countless times people … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Princess Nostalgia – Thank Heavens 4 Opposable Thumbs

Daily Yinz – Prole Volt – Crack In The Keystone

Prole Volt is an experimental musician that uses tape loops, vinyl, keyboards, and field recordings to create chilly, abrasive sound sculptures that manage to retain a human element. "Crack In The Keystone" is a track from Anxiety Tapes & Bridges, Prole Volt's latest release. The song buries a faint melody beneath layers of crackling and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Prole Volt – Crack In The Keystone

November 2019 Playlist

A playlist containing some of the songs featured on Bored In Pittsburgh this past month https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6sd0gkvhlghI2itPfG2exw?si=MHc5O7hvRxKw0D12aSIk2g November 2019 songs that aren’t on Spotify (and where to find them) Barlow - Heather Spacelectro - Find You Inchoate - sommeil raisonné Seven Day Rain - Backworld Private Mountain - Just A Strange World Weeknight Hangover and Statehood … Continue reading November 2019 Playlist

Daily Yinz – Swither – Keep Going

Swither are a Pittsburgh "seltzer-punk" quartet whose lyrics delve into life's manifold anxieties, members' fears and worries laid bare over sunny power-pop riffs. The band released its self-titled debut album (preceded by the excellent lead single "Dead to the World") last week. Eli Enis, Julia Carbone, Hayden Ferry, and Patrick Crossen share vocal duties over … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Swither – Keep Going

Daily Yinz – The Universe Online – Where the dead go

The Universe Online (the hyper-prolific musical persona of Pittsburgh artist Shane Anthony) cranks out glitchy, post-postmodern sound collages. Is The Universe Online a person? A bot? A rogue piece of computer code? It's tough to say. The Universe Online has released 25 albums this year (by my count), and I wouldn't be surprised if that … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Universe Online – Where the dead go

Daily Yinz-Watererer-Hauhauhauhaudibble

Watererer is a new musical project from David Bernabo, one of the minds behind the bizarrely funny podcast/improv trio How Things Are Made. "Hauhauhauhaudibble" is the first single from Watererer's debut, To Finding Out, due for release in February 2020 on the Ongoing Box label. Although it adheres more closely to traditional rock structure than … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Watererer-Hauhauhauhaudibble

Daily Yinz-Hemlock for Socrates-Swarm

Hemlock for Socrates is a Pittsburgh duo whose music features operatic vocals set against a backdrop of off-kilter synthpop. "Swarm," a track from the band's newly released paper animals, sounds like the kind of thing one might have heard sung, in some form or another, in a swanky jazz joint back in the '30s. Heather … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Hemlock for Socrates-Swarm