Daily Yinz – LoRen – Morning Mood (ft. Joziah Council)

LoRen is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who backs her neo-soul vocal stylings with the mellifluous guitar chillness of artists like Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. She released her A.M EP last week.

When I heard LoRen describe her daily AM routine on EP opener “Morning Mood” by singing, “I drink a cup of coffee by myself/Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere else,” I felt that. Who among us doesn’t sit, groggy, on their couch or at their kitchen table after waking up, and have that, “What am I doing?” moment? Especially this time of year, when the sun won’t be up for hours and your apartment is freezing even though you’re getting charged out the ass for heat. The caffeine starts to kick in, though, and the brief period of despair (usually) passes. Guest singer Joziah Council presents the post-coffee flip side of the coin, when you’ve got some energy and you can use those still, solitary hours to “see things clear and focused.” Both of these experiences are relatable enough to be considered not just moods, but #moods.

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