Daily Yinz – Flower Crown – High Fantasy

Pittsburgh dream-poppers Flower Crown follow up their successful May full-length, Sundries, with the single “High Fantasy,” released this past Friday.

Flower Crown has a real knack for turning its guitar riffs into hooks. In true dream-pop fashion, Richie Colosimo’s vocals are often obscured by billowing clouds of reverb and ambient haze, so the six strings have to do some heavy lifting. “High Fantasy” (out now on Crafted Sounds) is no different, with a winding, liquid guitar lead that snakes its leisurely way through a forest of Michael Stipe-ian vocal melodies and flower power harmonies. Fragmentary images and thoughts permeate the sonic fog; neon lights, flower girls, and regrets of time not spent all blur together like an emotional watercolor painting, the radiant and the melancholy becoming one. Undisturbed, the guitar’s dazed jangle echoes on into the pastel-shaded night. Another strong offering from Flower Crown.

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