Daily Yinz – Sierra Sellers – Cookout (Friendship Session)

Pittsburgh neo-soul singer/songwriter Sierra Sellers recently stopped by the Bike Petals and Beanstalks Greenhouse for a Friendship Session.

The highlight of the performance is an organic, jazzified take on Sellers’s summer single “Cookout,” augmented here by sax, keys, drums and bass. The song, an already casual brush-off of toxic people, is made even cooler by the band’s loose groove; Sellers manages to sound more nonchalant than she did in the original recording when she sings, “You ain’t invited to my cookout/Beeswax is minded, and tears dry out.” It’s no skin off her nose. Keyboardist Remy Vega contributes a verse of his own, dubbing himself an “abstract fatcat/Picasso with a backpack” without breaking a sweat. The whole performance exudes effortless chill. Live painting is provided by Chris Galiyas.

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