Daily Yinz – Swither – Keep Going

Swither are a Pittsburgh “seltzer-punk” quartet whose lyrics delve into life’s manifold anxieties, members’ fears and worries laid bare over sunny power-pop riffs.

The band released its self-titled debut album (preceded by the excellent lead single “Dead to the World“) last week. Eli Enis, Julia Carbone, Hayden Ferry, and Patrick Crossen share vocal duties over the course of the release’s nine tracks, bandying verses and phrases back and forth like they’re playing a game of tetherball.

Standout track “Keep Going” is angrier than it is neurotic, although it’s plenty neurotic. Guitarist Eli Enis (I think it’s him singing lead, at least) fixates on an asshole driver from his morning commute and worries about what audiences think of him at shows, but also directs a good deal of rage toward those who perpetrate environmental destruction for monetary gain. “What more proof do you need?” he implores climate change deniers, “Shove your head in polar flood tides!” He also takes a swipe at our toad president: “Go on ahead, keep gloating/Your stupid tupee will the first thing fucking floating.” All of this is backed by energetic guitar chords and Carbone’s vintage organ riffs; the world may be ending, but at least the song sounds fun. “Keep Going” is the perfect soundtrack for when Mar-a-Lago is finally swallowed by a rising sea.

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