Daily Yinz – The Universe Online – Where the dead go

The Universe Online (the hyper-prolific musical persona of Pittsburgh artist Shane Anthony) cranks out glitchy, post-postmodern sound collages.

Is The Universe Online a person? A bot? A rogue piece of computer code? It’s tough to say. The Universe Online has released 25 albums this year (by my count), and I wouldn’t be surprised if that number increases before the 31st. Their albums are usually fronted by goofy or nonsensical images, and feature manic samples and loops chopped up and smashed together with scant regard for traditional musical structures. “Where the dead go,” the fourth track from The Universe Online’s new, self-titled EP, is a maximalist exaltation, a jumbled fanfare for a flickering hologram ruler making its entrance on your device’s screen via computer virus. Bow down before The Universe Online’s chaotic majesty.

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