Daily Yinz-Reese Youngn-Silent Screams

Reese Youngn is a Pittsburgh rapper who wields his expressive growl to devastating effect on the track “Silent Screams,” released last month.

You can’t talk about “Silent Screams” without first discussing Reese Young’s voice. Melodious and throat-shreddingly ragged, it’s like Kevin Gates‘s gruff warble rubbed against a cheese grater, and it’s pushed to its breaking point on this track by Reese’s anguished delivery. Don’t let the instrumental’s bouncy guitar loop fool you; “Silent Screams” is all about pain. During the hook, Reese wonders aloud how long he’s going to stay alive, answering his own question, “A few more years.” He mourns his late grandfather and quips, morbidly, “I got a bald spot on my head/I know where it came from,” in reference to the extreme stress under which he finds himself. Enemies loom from all around; so-called friends clown him behind his back but smile to his face. Reese sounds close to tears when he addresses a woman who spurned him, moaning, “I would have never ever brought you to the streets with me/If I would’ve knew when I got home you wouldn’t be with me.” “Silent Screams” is a harrowing listen, and the accompanying video contributes a suitably dramatic atmosphere with its images of nighttime rain and lightning. Even if Reese’s screams are silent, you can’t help but be drawn in by them.

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