Daily Discovery 11.11.19

Seo – Citrus Paradisi

Nigerian/Irish artist Seo sounds like she’s had a strong cup of coffee or two since September’s Pink Noise. Where that album floated, “Citrus Paradisi” flows, gliding along atop the world’s chillwaviest reggaeton beat. Switching between English and Spanish, Seo asks, “Can you take me home to paradise?”, also murmuring about grapefruits and the benefit vs risk of staying sober. Tropical and gelid at the same time, “Citrus Paradisi” is another intriguing track from this mysterious artist.

Bora York – I Finally Let My Heart Grow Again

“I Finally Let My Heart Grow Again,” a song from Emotion Vertigo (Anthem Falls Music), the new album by the Minneapolis husband and wife indie-pop duo Bora York, is a towering ode to devotion that seems to grow and layer upon itself, expanding in scale before peaking with cinematic synths, ecstatic vocal harmonies, and pops of percussion from a digitized drum circle. A warm and wholesome listen from two partners in life and in music.

brothersofvietnam – stable isotope analysis

The new release by Norwiegan experimenter(s) brothersofvietnam is called…*deep breath*… Zoosporic fungi growing on the eggs of Carassius carassius (L​.​) in oligo​-​and eutrophic water; it seems to be titled after a 1999 academic article in the Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. “Stable isotope analysis” is an excellent example of the surreal plunderphonics contained within the album. I’m assuming brothersofvietnam is/are a postmodern pop culture science geek, an avid consumer of everything and anything, just like the Carassius carassius (aka carp) itself.

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