Daily Yinz-No Good Deed-Never Be Like You

No Good Deed are a Pittsburgh hardcore act whose furious, defiant manifestos carry on the legacy of “beatdown” bands like Hatebreed and Terror.

A photo of No Good Deed from their Bandcamp page shows frontman Brandon “Barker” Phillips (awesome nickname, I know), wearing a shirt that reads “REVELING IN THE ABYSS,” extending his mic in front of the faces of several audience members so that they can scream along with the music. The photo encapsulates the band’s ethos in several ways; Barker’s shirt is a darkly gleeful middle finger in the face of hardship and despair, and his encouragement of audience participation is an example of the hardcore genre’s emphasis on community and togetherness. On “Never Be Like You,” a track from No Good Deed’s new album Split Second Strike, Barker does in fact sound like a wild dog, spit flying from his lips as he roars lines like, “Difference between me and you/I play the game even when I lose,” while straining against the chains of the world. The band behind him chugs and pummels away as if their instruments were their own mortal enemies. A bracing, adrenaline-heavy track, “Never Be Like You” will make you want to look up your arch nemesis from 20 years ago and write them a strongly worded letter.

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