Daily Yinz-Weeknight Hangover and Statehood Silver Medalist-Hiding

Weeknight Hangover and Statehood Silver Medalist, two Pittsburgh-based lo-fi artists, join forces for a brief new release called self.

With “Hiding,” the first of self‘s two tracks, the duo has captured lightning in a half-empty beer bottle. The recorded-on-a-brick aesthetic of Weeknight’s recent halloween ep (an evocative listen in its own right) is polished up ever so slightly with Statehood’s help, although the track remains wonderfully shaggy. The two artists’ voices complement each other nicely, kicking the track off with subtle harmonies before separating into pop-punky high and low octaves the second time through the refrain. The lyrics are pure misfit slacker, conveying a longing to find “somewhere where I am supposed to be” and “somewhere to go when I’m hiding.” The highlight of the song is its loop-the-loop lead guitar riff, which seems to tie itself in knots as it goes; there’s an ecstatically haphazard solo thrown in near the end, as if the guitar simply had to let itself loose after being snarled up like that. “Hiding” perfectly captures the feeling of not quite belonging in a place and not really being able to do anything about it except write a song.

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