Daily Yinz-Chalk Dinosaur-A Cul De Sac in Bend

Chalk Dinosaur are a veteran Pittsburgh outfit that has been cranking out electroshocked funk jams for the past decade-plus.

The Chalk Dino boys specialize in the brand of brightly colored, dopamine-rush electro anthems you’d hear Pretty Lights or Gramatik throwing down in the depths of a neon woodland. Syncopated guitar licks, bouncing bass, and thunderous drums abound on Chalk Dinosaur’s new album, Sunset, but the group tosses some curveballs in there as well, proving its versatility and creative chops. “A Cul De Sac in Bend,” the record’s penultimate track, brings an experimental house sensibility to the table, with a rapidly-chopped vocal sample and glitchy percussion building to a crescendo of buoyant rave synths before the bottom drops out into a tunnel of relentlessly tumbling tech bass. Plus, there’s an effect triggered throughout the song that resembles the sound of a Mario Kart running into a floating item box, a glittering series of notes that reminds me of days when rent and utility bills weren’t a thing. “A Cul De Sac in Bend” is fun, energetic, and nostalgic (at least in a personal, semi-unconscious sort of way), and I bet it would kick even more ass live.

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