Daily Yinz – Skeletons Need T-Shirts – 16

AFK, a new release from Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Skeletons Need T-Shirts, lays bare some serious heartbreak, a lonely voice accompanied by an even lonelier acoustic guitar.

The track “16” (along with the rest of the album) combines the melancholic, sometimes bleak musings of Cat Power with the sheepish, homespun delivery of the Moldy Peaches’ Kimya Dawson (you may remember her from the Juno soundtrack). Atop autumnal strumming, you hear Skeletons Need T-Shirts plead, “I’m beneath the water/And I can’t breathe again/Please come back,” before asking, a few bars later, “Do you like my socks?” No two lines better represent the fusion of desolation and quirkiness that is AFK‘s hallmark. A simple, heartfelt release, you’ll like this one if you’re a fan of DIY guitar ballads that make you feel sad.

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