Daily Yinz-Short Fictions-Really Like You

Short Fictions are a Pittsburgh band whose sound draws from Midwest emo’s signature blend of musical complexity and heart-on-the-sleeve sensitivity.

“Really Like You” is the first single released from Short Fictions’ upcoming album, Fates Worse Than Death, due out in mid-December. The track brims with feelings both wholesome and anguished; schoolboy crush sentiments like, “I really, really like you,” and, “You can always send me a message,” lead immediately into desperation: “My mind will be my own living hell […] I wish my body would explode.” The second time through the titular refrain, Sam Treber’s aw-shucks voice is shadowed by a bloodcurdling scream, the perfect sonic reflection of the wild emotional vacillations found in the song’s lyrics. Musically, all the hallmarks of the classic Midwest sound are there: bright glockenspiel twinkles, hairpin turn chords crashing against each other, arpeggiated accents, even the way Treber delivers the line, “I get fucked up…forrrr…WEEEKS,” the final three words corresponding to a dramatic melodic ascension. “Really Like You” is a perfect listen for those of us not yet out of our Emo Phase (which is pretty much everyone, if we’re being honest).

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