Daily Discovery 10.15.19

True Moon-Poison

Sweden’s True Moon delivers a furious blast of moody post-punk energy with “Poison,” one of the first singles from the band’s upcoming album II (Lövely Records). Overtop a relentless, Joy Division-on-speed instrumental, Karolina Engdahl seethes and glowers, sounding like one of the goth greats of yore when she yells, “I’ve got a volcano in my heart!” during the song’s chorus. A spellbinding listen for those who like a dose of dour drama with their 80’s vibes.


Tucson, AZ’s Lano casts a bewitching bedroom-pop spell with the song “Suki,” found on the group’s new Snake Bite EP. Amid flickering synths and gentle rattles of percussion, Lano Romero Dash’s breathy coo, layered overtop itself, swirls like a wisp of smoke from a multicolored fire. It feels like the song is situated within some sort of Jungian collective unconscious, and when Dash whispers, “Come to me now,” it’s really her spirit beckoning another’s hazy essence to come forward. It’s like Youth Lagoon on even more sleeping pills than usual, and it’s awesome.


Floco Torres is an Akron, OH rapper whose West Hill album was concocted as a musical accompaniment to Akron visual artist Micah Kraus‘s A Reasonable Decline exhibition, recently featured at the Akron Soul Train gallery. West Hill‘s lyrics are inspired by Torres’ Akron neighborhood of the same name. “IAMWEWILLWEAREOK!” is a statement of resolve in the face of adversity; overtop chopped-up marching band percussion, Torres stakes his claim as a “gem formed by great pressure” while proudly displaying his blue collar heritage and shouting out a woman with “skin like Issa Rae […] hair like Medusa.” An honest and triumphant track from a standout artist.

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