Daily Yinz-Vegetable Head/Noah Nine-Untitled A5

Last week, Bored In Pittsburgh featured the track “Digging 2 China” by Son Of None, an early 2000’s duo whose album, Blizzard of ’77, was released for the first time this September. It turns out that its unveiling was inspired by tragedy; Son Of None’s mastermind, Noah Nine, passed away in late August, and a friend and former bandmate decided to release some of Nine’s music as a tribute. This friend describes Nine as a creative force who never sought commercial success, instead choosing to experiment with eclectic styles and genres. Vegetable Head was another of Nine’s musical monikers, rooted more in breakbeat-heavy IDM than in Son Of None’s oddball pop. The Veg-Head mixtape, also released in late September, features 12 untitled tracks full of of twisting, complex rhythms and spooky atmospherics. The mixtape’s fifth track is a highlight, a creepy-crawly mix of horror show synths and glitched-out drums that could soundtrack a grimy, low-budget late night flick. The entire mixtape is worth a listen; it’s just as unique and fascinating as Blizzard of ’77. Another collection of Noah Nine’s music is due for release soon, so stay tuned for more from an artist who may not have been fully appreciated during his lifetime, but whose work we can begin to recognize now.

Check out the rest of the Veg-Head mixtape

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