Daily Discovery 10.07.19

EL LAGO-Endless

“Endless,” the first single from the upcoming release Pyramid (Wallflower Records) by Galveston, TX’s EL LAGO, sweeps through a listener’s ear like an Indian summer breeze. Frontwoman Lauren Eddy’s voice peeks out, Kazu Makino-esque, from behind shimmering clouds of dreamy instrumentation, allowing plenty of room for meandering guitars to stretch out and explore the sonic oasis that EL LAGO has created. I damn near threw my neck out gazing at my shoes.


Baltimore, MD’s Baggypantsrich makes DIY bedroom pop, his sound encompassing everything from swampy scuzz to ukulelic (not a word, I know) balladry. “Zombies!”, the opening track from BPR’s new album Drained, is driven by a swagger that belies its grim lyrics. While glam-rock-gone-garage guitars strut in the background, BPR delivers the track’s bleak refrain: “He fell down/To the ground/They shot him down.” This one hits with a confidence and personality that transcends its humble, home-recorded origins.

Daydream Devices-Acorn

“Acorn,” an instrumental from the album Follow Clouds (Unfamiliar Environments) by Thai ambient artist Daydream Devices, would be the perfect soundtrack to a nature documentary detailing the daily routines of insects. The song’s plinking bells, dashing busily in every direction, mirror the fast-motion scrabble of a horde of beetles, their shells glinting in the sunlight as they dig tunnels and climb trees. A sprightly, energetic song for a Monday morning.

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