Stare At Your Shoes-Signals and Alibis-Glitch

Signals and Alibis are an electro/shoegaze trio from Fort Worth, TX, who recently released an EP called Aislada. “Glitch,” the EP’s opening track, combines the supercharged whomp of groups like CHVRCHES with the menacing, atmospheric textures of post-punk. Vocalist Rebecca Jozwiak’s urgings to “take back control,” and to “face the stars/as you stand before your trial,” delivered atop the echoing, almost gothic instrumental, not to mention the abundance of gritty synth tones, make “Glitch” a prime candidate for the Matrix 4 soundtrack (I’m looking at you, Wachowski sisters, as I’m sure you both read this blog).

Either way, make sure to check out the rest of Aislada and to follow Signals and Alibis on Facebook/Twitter

If you happen to be in Fort Worth tomorrow, stop by the album release show!


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