Daily Yinz-Zaneta Grant-REMEMBER (who you used to be)

Zaneta Grant is a Maryland-raised, Pittsburgh-based singer and songwriter whose music blends mainstream R&B stylings with Afro-Caribbean elements.

Grant’s most recent release (it came out in August, so I’m a bit late) is the two-track EP (Un)Sentimental, which features the song “REMEMBER (who you used to be).” A truly global effort, this one was produced by a Canadian beatmaker and recorded/mixed/mastered at a Spanish studio. “REMEMBER” is a breezy, melancholy listen; gentle filigrees of acoustic guitar adorn a beat that drops out for entire passages at a time, giving Grant’s husky singing voice room to stretch itself out and ponder a lost relationship. These placid moments of reflection help to give the track a sense of movement; when the bass drum kicks back in, it feels all the more forceful by comparison. The change seems to mirror Grant’s shifting state of mind, the music responding to the artist and vice versa. In the background, you can hear waves lap against a beach; it feels like you’re lying in a hammock in some sunny locale, but you’re only doing so because you can’t bring yourself to do anything else. We’ve all heard of the Heartbreak Hotel, but Grant has introduced us to the Heartbreak Hammock. Spend some time there listening to “REMEMBER,” and it will be the airiest, most relaxing heartbreak you’ve ever experienced.

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