Daily Yinz-C.Scott-Venus (ft. Hubbs)

Charlie Scott is a crate-digging Pittsburgh producer and bassist; “Venus,” featuring Penn Hills rapper Hubbs, is the first single released from Scott’s upcoming album Phase Shifting, out October 4th on Soul Slime Records.

“Venus” seamlessly melds classic and more alternative hip-hop stylings; you could call it cosmic boom-bap. The track is carried by a dusty, 90’s-esque drum loop, which itself is augmented by an organic bass line, blossoms of keyboard, and a hint of strings. Scott throws in some psychedelic production flourishes (lasers blip away and alien shrieks rise and fall in the background), situating the listener firmly within the astral plane. Hubbs, meanwhile, goes full fourth dimension, packing his bars full of references to star-seated beings, demons, and the Matrix, although a mention of “Draco wars” indicates that he’s got one eye pointed toward problems of the earthly realm as well. Hubbs’ verses combine dense, Aesop Rock-ian wordplay (minus the New York rapper’s sometimes excessive verbosity, thankfully) with the third eye-isms of artists like Ab-Soul and The Underachievers, resulting in a listen that’s both technically impressive and creative. “Venus” is a standout track, and is surely a sign of good things to come from both artists.

Check out more from C.Scott, Hubbs, and Soul Slime Records and make sure to follow both artists and label on various social media platforms

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