Daily Yinz-Joyframe-Not Anyone Else’s Fool

Joyframe is a noisy Pittsburgh quartet that annihilates listeners with a massive “wall of pop.”

This week, the band released the Joyframe EP, a follow-up to 2015’s excellent Where’s Kevin? EP. “Not Anyone Else’s Fool” is the opening track; on it, the members of Joyframe come out swinging, proving that they haven’t lost a step over the past four years. Deploying some glorious soft-loud-soft dynamics, the band simmers and rages and simmers and rages again, with singer/bassist Courtney Plumley hardening her voice into ice during the verses (“Your hand is open like grass for dew/The sun, it’s rising, but not for you”) and then superheating it until it explodes into a rousing chorus. Joyframe reaches full gale force during the bridge, which peaks with Plumley’s proclamation that “I am born new/I’m not born again!” And I mean full gale force; at times, Caleb Gill’s guitar ruckus resembles the deafening roar of a tornado tearing through the studio (someone better investigate whether the recording of this EP caused the Pittsburgh Microburst of 2019). I’m a sucker for visceral noise and all kinds of fuzz, and Joyframe delivers both with “Not Anyone Else’s Fool.”

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