Daily Yinz-Ali Berger-Microbial Corrosion

Ali Berger is an acid house DJ, recently relocated to Pittsburgh, who delivers hefty doses of gleeful experimentation over relentless dance beats.

“Microbial Corrosion” is a track from Berger’s August release Sump Pump, his first for Spectral Sounds, a dance-centric offshoot of the Ghostly International label. The song is structured around a steady, repeating series of squelching synth notes, a sound that hearkens back to Chicago genre pioneers like Phuture and Armando. Berger’s approach is slightly more experimental, though, like he’s taken the classic 80’s style and quarantined it in some mad scientist’s lab until it warped and mutated into something alien and strange. “Microbial Corrosion” will have you bobbing your head and tapping your foot to its four-on-the-floor beat while simultaneously scratching your chin, a quizzical expression on your face. A kinetic and brainy listen.

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