Daily Yinz-Rocki Boulis-Love Strategy

Rocki Boulis is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter whose music draws from the tried-and-true sounds of early to mid-2000’s pop and R&B.

Boulis’s new single, “Love Strategy,” is a sonic power move, a checkmate to a potential romantic interest. Using a controlled, unshowy delivery, Boulis lays down her terms of endearment, which “have to be met” for this other person to have any chance at winning her heart. She makes reference to the classic king/queen archetype, but lets the listener know who’s in charge when she urges the so-called king to “Say, ‘Yes, your majesty'” in response to her requests, sounding frostily aloof while laying down her command. Boulis saves her most withering line for last, a repeated insistence near the song’s end that, “A queen don’t need to chase a pawn.” Ouch. “Love Strategy” sounds good in addition to being well-written, with a frosty, minimalist beat proving the perfect backdrop for Boulis’s naturally strong voice. A great track from an artist on the rise.

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