Daily Yinz-Akono Miles-Unfazed

Akono Miles is a Pittsburgh producer who tosses vocal samples around like boomerangs, maintaining a sense of controlled chaos inside his intricately melodic beats.

“Unfazed” is the first single released from Miles’ upcoming album Room Temperature. Despite the, ahem, tepid album title, Miles brings the heat with this one. The track begins, in classic Miles fashion, with some snipped-up vocal samples, jumbled and almost disconcerting at first, until a thumping beat fades in and establishes order on the dance floor. Miles describes Room Temperature as “an unexpected exploration of house music,” and sure enough, this track has as much in common with the neo-disco of acts like Local Artist as it does with the wobbly, Knxwledge-esque knock of Miles’ April 2019 release, Halogen. The aforementioned jittery vocal samples are joined near the end of the song by a squelchy synth line, the glowing cherry on top of this treat of a song. Give it a listen if your brain needs to get up and dance on this Tuesday evening.

Check out more from Akono Miles and follow him on Twitter

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