Daily Yinz-Wwoman-Chuchi

Wwoman (the musical moniker of artist g smee) fashions and unleashes neon-lit bedroom pop anthems from the recesses of a North Side Pittsburgh apartment.

I first heard wwoman’s new single, “Chuchi,” about a week ago, before I headed to New York for a much-needed vacation. While there, I found myself humming the song’s hook under my breath more times than I can count, during such varied activities as kayaking, wine-tasting, hiking, and French sitcom-watching. Musically, “Chuchi” sounds like R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” by way of Tame Impala, mandolin translated into chillwave synth and anxious jangle replaced by electrified cool. Many a brave listener will try (and fail) to resist the urge to bust out a dorky dance move or two, likely involving a moonwalk attempt, in response to the song’s incessant groove. G smee’s vocals are what really make the song; the artist’s breathy high pitch is the perfect vehicle for ambiguous lyrics that begin with a sighed, “I never lived without you…” and remain mysteriously hazy throughout. “Chuchi” is accompanied by an excellent video (the concept of which was drawn up by g smee) that portrays a young woman’s magical grocery shopping excursion. If you’re looking for earworms and/or eccentric visuals, you’ve come to the right place.

Follow wwoman on Instagram and check out more music here

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