Daily Discovery-Tidepools-TV

Tidepools are an indie rock quartet from Orlando, FL whose songs feature plainspoken lyrics bathed in cascades of textured guitar.

“TV” is the first single released from Tidepools’ upcoming album Never Better. There’s an interesting blend of styles going on here; the track’s winding central guitar riff is pure, mathy prog, but frontwoman Laura Reyes’s vocals, which ricochet around the beat during the bridge only to soar, crystalline, during the chorus, are pop-punk to the core. Everything is coated in a thick layer of dreamy synth, courtesy of Matthew Messore, the shoegazer behind Cathedral Bells. There are even gang vocals thrown in for good measure; it’s been said (by me, as of right now) that Floridians have the best gang vocals. Amid this sonic mishmash, Reyes, “laying on the couch and aimlessly watching TV,” ambivalently addresses an acquaintance whom she may or may not see again. “TV” manages to be direct and ambiguous at the same time, not an easy feat. Make sure to listen to the rest of Never Better when it’s released on September 27th.

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