Daily Yinz-Kimmie Dix & The Doomies-B8

The Pittsburgh man behind Kimmie Dix & The Doomies, Kenneth Gerard Painter Jr, makes evil-sounding “music” that screeches with atonal fury, occasionally coalescing into something resembling a state of order.

Minneapolis, MN label Lighten Up Sounds recently reissued KD&D’s 2011 self-titled album, a collaboration between Painter and his daughter that the label describes as “a series of singularly skewed vignettes of true basement grit and savagely dysfunctional brilliance.” The 16 untitled tracks are full of shrieking feedback, drill-like electronics, grimy clanks, and vocals both mundane and nightmarish. “B8” is one of the album’s gentler moments, sounding like the music that might endlessly repeat in a broken elevator descending slowly into the depths of some dungeon. Kimmie Dix & The Doomies reminds me of a noisier version of Blectum from Blechdom’s Haus de Snaus, by turns creepy, goofy, and chaotic. Give it a listen if you want something bizarre on this fine Friday.

Check out the rest of Kimmie Dix & The Doomies, as well as music from Painter’s group Lord Bird Colden Cobra

Listen to more from Lighten Up Sounds and follow them on the social medias

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