Daily Discovery-Delilah Fang-Trespasser

Delilah Fang is a Minneapolis, MN dream-pop quintet that formed, recorded an album, and broke up within the span of a few months.

Worry not, the split was amicable and preordained; guitarist and singer Betty Taylor knew from the beginning that she’d be leaving town at the end of August. Lonely Once Too is the result of the group’s whirlwind existence, a five-track testament to its members’ chemistry and their ability to make the most of their time together. It’s got ballads and jaunts alike, all featuring excellent harmonies and guitar textures both shimmering and explosive. “Trespasser” is my favorite of the bunch, probably because it’s the song that sounds the most like Slowdive. Instead of floating in the Rachel Goswell-ian ether, though, Taylor’s voice remains forcefully and elementally tethered to solid ground. She compares a faded relationship to a dilapidated house, repeatedly asking, “Am I on the outside?” while her band members layer their voices behind her and keyboardist Kyle Koch’s subtle organ pulses radiate outward like the beats of a nervous heart. “Trespasser” is a beautiful song, and it’s made all the more special by the knowledge that we’ve likely heard the last from Delilah Fang.

Check out the rest of Lonely Once Too and give the band a like on Facebook

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