Daily Yinz-A’leighsha-No Guidance (Remix)

A’leighsha, a member of the 1Hood Media artist family, is a singer/songwriter out of Pittsburgh’s South Hills.

A’leighsha’s latest track is a remix of the Chris Brown and Drake collab “No Guidance, which currently sits at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. On her rework, A’leighsha flips the original song’s “You got it” refrain on its head, “it,” in this case, referring to the singer’s own heart as opposed to an intangible attractive force. Trading in Brown and Drake’s Don Juan-esque braggadocio for vulnerability, A’leighsha spills her feelings to a significant other who’s been treating her with ambivalence. I especially liked the line, “Steady posting pictures that I took of you/Like I wasn’t even in the room”; it’s descriptive, personal, and heartbroken. With this remix, A’leighsha puts her own stamp on an already famous song, not an easy feat.

Check out more from A’leighsha and from 1Hood Media

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