Daily Discovery-Seo-Roseate

Seo is a Nigerian producer and singer whose songs seem to float within a bubble, obscured by swirls of pastel-colored clouds.

Seo’s new album, aptly titled Pink Noise, contains 12 tracks that never quite show their hand. Hooks, rhythms, and melodies are present, but lie just out of reach, blanketed under gauzy banks of synthesized fog. “Roseate” opens with a sludgy guitar part that shifts its form throughout the track to adhere to its surroundings, which transition between stuttering trip-hop beats and lushly psychedelic vocal-centric interludes. Seo sings, in double-tracked harmony, “I’m in transit/But I feel static.” It’s a good description of both “Roseate” and Pink Noise as a whole; both contain a quivering sense of energy, but it’s preserved inside amber that hasn’t quite finished hardening. A subtle and fascinating listen from a mysterious artist.

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