Daily Discovery-HogBarber-Witch’s Ingredients

Washington, DC’s HogBarber is a solo artist who makes “psychedelic dream pop, mixed with a bunch of other cool sounds.”

HogBarber’s new album Witch’s Ingredients is presented in the form of one extended track, meant to be consumed in one sitting. At different points tranquil, irreverent, and noisy, the project ushers you on a journey through a colorful sonic landscape. The first half resembles fairground chamber pop, complete with twinkling glockenspiel and accordion swells that ride a series of jaunty rhythms over the proverbial rainbow and into an Oz-like realm. The latter half features a spooky, blown-out passage full of “la-la-la”s, something that the titular witch would hum to herself while gathering nightshade and salamander tails in a forest. The track concludes with a mellow coda whose ambient cricket chirps and gentle guitar trickles bring to mind sleepy post-rock. Witch’s Ingredients is a bit of a time commitment at 30-ish minutes, but it’s worth a listen all the way through.

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