Daily Discovery-Mamiffer-River of Light

Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner’s Mamiffer is a vehicle for hauntingly beautiful incantations, so-called ethereal wave music boiled down to its most elemental form.

“River of Light” is the first single from Mamiffer’s The Brilliant Tabernacle, due for release in late October on Coloccia and partner Turner’s SIGE Records. The track begins with several seconds of silence before being drawn out of the darkness by a pulsing organ drone, which is soon joined by magisterial drums and Turner’s minimalist acoustic guitar plucks. Against this eerie soundscape, Coloccia and featured singer Monika Khot (who also makes music as Nordra) use their voices as brushstrokes, sweeping them across the track’s glimmering canvas to leave streaks of thought and emotion, some in the form of half-coherent phrases, others simple snatches of wordless melody. There’s some breathy flute thrown in for good measure, giving the proceedings a Julianna Barwick-meets-Dead Can Dance flavor. The overall effect of “River of Light” is bewitching, and I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Check out Mamiffer’s 2016 release The World Unseen and more from SIGE Records.

Follow both artist and label on the Facebook apparatus.

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