Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Swim

Michael Haynes (aka Think Good Audio) is an eclectic Pittsburgh producer who releases work at a prolific pace; his latest album, cavity, is his sixth of 2019.

Haynes describes cavity as an album born out of darkness, a “salvaging of desolate moments” during a time of crisis. March’s Dirty Gods of Alleghany County saw Haynes using music to express the pain and anger felt by many over the shooting of Antwon Rose; here, the strife is personal. The artist’s inner turmoil is reflected in the fractured, noisy nature of album, which is full of choppy beats and jarring sonic flourishes. “swim” finds haunting strains of melody subsumed by blaring stabs of glitchy, synthesized bass. It’s like the soundtrack to some post-apocalpytic version of the Pixar movie Inside Out, wherein a character named Desolation traverses the plains of a devastated psyche. Gradually, a gentle, more discernible chord progression asserts itself, gathering its resolve to do battle with the atonal grime. By the end, the melody has conquered the bass, which I would interpret as a touch of optimism were the next track not entitled “drown.” On a challenging album like cavity, however, even just a few moments of placidity are welcome. Maybe Haynes felt the same way while working on “swim.”

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One thought on “Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Swim

  1. Wonderful thoughts on Cavity. I’m a big fan of Think Good Audio owning all of the albums available on Bandcamp. I was also blown away by this latest release. Also listening in West Virginia.
    Devoted fan

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