Daily Yinz-Pet Zebra-Deadly (ft. Janiece)

Pittsburgh rapper/producer Pet Zebra specializes in colorful portraits of substance-fueled exploits, by turns hedonistic and gritty.

On “Deadly,” a track from the August release Chilly Chill, Pet Zebra scales things back a bit for a romantic duet with fellow Pittsburgher Janiece. Zebra begins the song by asking, “Can we take it slow?”, an uncommon sentiment from an artist who previously dubbed himself “Zebra Hefner.” He varies his delivery here as well, swapping out his signature, bouncy flow for an auto-tuned croon during the song’s chorus. While Zebra plays the part of a hesitant Don Juan, Janiece takes full advantage of two sultry verses to embody her role as his frustrated counterpart. The two share a chemistry that makes the song stand out; a hazy trap instrumental punctuated by muted marimba plinks is the perfect backdrop for their back-and-forth. Heartfelt and fun at the same time, “Deadly” is a fine example of a Yinzer hip-hop ballad.

Check out more from Pet Zebra and from Janiece and make sure to throw both artists a follow on social media

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