Daily Discovery-They Go Boom!!-Tumbledown Weekend

They Go Boom!! are a 90’s indie pop duo from Margate, Kent in the UK; their 1995 album Atlantic was just reissued on Chicago’s Sunday Records.

“Tumbledown Weekend,” one of the standout tracks from Atlantic, is chock full of irresistible melodies, all of them tinged with a sense of wistful sadness. It makes for a painfully catchy listen when Daryl Smith sighs, “I admit I lost my way/ Said some things I shouldn’t have said/ Apologies are all I’ve got now/ But if you’d been in my bed/ Lying dazed on Sunday morning/There’s a chance i could explain it .” He immediately follows that passage with, “And I don’t want to know a thing about your stupid boyfriend,” and manages to make the sentiment sound sweet rather than bitter or spiteful, a credit to his voice, which feels tailor-made for this type of sad English pop music. Mike Innes’s synthy shoegaze production gives the song a Mojave 3-goes-electro feel, although I’ve got to admit that I actually like “Tumbledown Weekend” more than anything I’ve heard from the other group. A great song from a band that deserves more recognition.

Check out the rest of Atlantic and more music from Sunday Records

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