Daily Yinz-Not Your Friends-Sweet Serenity

Not Your Friends are not your friends. The Pittsburgh punk band makes aggressive, jarring music that hits like a kick to the teeth.

“Sweet Serenity” is a track from the group’s new release, Constructing a Mental Breakdown. Clocking in at exactly one minute, it’s a ferocious blast of gritty energy that blends bloodcurdling screams with mathy complexity. Serrated riffs and blastbeats are interrupted by curlicues of clean guitar that sound like tuning exercises gone awry. The lyrics on this one (“Shred me/Tear me apart”) are downright romantic compared to some of the others found on the album (“Sebastian No,” for example, threatens to rip an entitled stalker’s teeth out and sell them as jewelry on Etsy). Like a feminist Dillinger Escape Plan, Not Your Friends deliver the throat-shredding, ear-destroying, patriarchy-dismantling goods. Plus, all proceeds from Constructing a Mental Breakdown go to Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, so you can contribute to an important cause while you’re listening to these tunes.

Check out the rest of Not Your Friends’ Constructing a Mental Breakdown

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