Daily Yinz-Wave Trails-The Whistle Song

Wave Trails are a Pittsburgh-based DIY trio; their newly released demo Flesh Plant contains two wooly and slightly psychedelic tracks that capture the sun-bleached feel of a late August day.

Much like the work of cult favorite Pittsburgh oddballs Black Moth Super Rainbow, Wave Trails’ music feels like it’s been laid out in direct sunlight to warp and fade over time. Musically, the two are not so similar, with Wave Trails having more in common with grungy slacker rock than with dusty robo-freakery. The second track on Flesh Plant, “The Whistle Song,” is a largely instrumental affair, featuring lazy, waltzing guitar chords complemented by wordless falsetto and–you guessed it–whistling. Subtle production tweaks, namely reversed drum fills and guitar interludes, give the track its psych bona fides. Near the end of the song, Wave Trails’ vocalist (not sure of his name, sorry Wave Trails) pops in to warn, “Don’t move/They’ll see us leave from here,” like a Yinzer bedroom Thom Yorke in the midst of a paranoiac episode. “The Whistle Song” is an offbeat and enjoyable listen for this late summer evening.

Check out Wave Trails on Bandcamp and on Facebook, and make sure to come see them at The Smiling Moose on August 31st.

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