Daily Discovery-Trampoline Team-Kill You On The Streetcar

Trampoline Team is a New Orleans, LA trio that specializes in gritty bursts of punk fury, straight out of the garage.

New Orleans is home to the St. Charles Streetcar line, the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world. And it sounds like Trampoline Team wants to kill you on it. The bluntly titled “Kill You On The Streetcar,” from the band’s (also) bluntly titled Kill You EP, is a sub-two minute whirlwind of buzzsaw guitar and sneering vocals, wrapped in a package of beautifully tinny sound quality. Imagine Tacocat stripped of all sense of cartoony color, plied with booze, and chucked into some basement recording studio. Wanted to keep this summary short to reflect the track itself; give this one a listen if you’re pissed off, but please don’t actually kill anyone on a streetcar, or anywhere else for that matter.

Check out more from Trampoline Team (they just released a full length album as well) and social media the social media

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