Daily Discovery-Paper Void-Waves

Paper Void is an Oakland, CA collective that integrates rock, neo-soul, jazz, and hip-hop influences into a pleasing brew of smooth keys, head-nodding rhythms, and brass flourishes. The group’s new album Transition features songs that range from spacey ballads to energetic jams, but it was the haunting, 2 minute and 18 second “Waves” that really stuck with me. The track begins with Hannah Martinson (one half of Paper Void’s lead vocal tandem, the other being rapper/singer Alberto Guzman) quietly musing about her relationship with a significant other; she poses several affecting questions, my favorite being, “If we keep on only living in the future/Does that make us timeless?” From there, the band busts out a tightly-coiled groove, restrained but full of simmering energy. Martinson proves that she’s just as comfortable working the contours of a bouncy R&B beat as she is crooning over placid keyboards; she’s equal parts TLC and Norah Jones. Evan Gitterman throws a tasteful solo into the mix for good measure. The song’s short runtime is a blessing and a curse; you wish it were a bit longer, but it also means that not a second is wasted.

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