Daily Discovery-RU$H & Jay NiCE-Scallop Normandy

Delaware rappers RU$H and Jay NiCE join forces on the new album FAMILI to create an opulent collection of tracks that strike the perfect balance between escapism and realism. “Scallop Normady,” the project’s penultimate cut, contains a lush instrumental that interpolates an extended, wordless vocal sample to hypnotic effect; it’s like your ears are driving down the Amalfi Coast in a convertible. The two emcees’ distinct styles happen to complement each other perfectly when featured together; RU$H’s voice is higher, more mild, and slips immediately into a relaxed flow full of multisyllabic rhyming couplets (“Europe streets,” “Florence scene,” “Porsche’s speed,” “‘Course it’s me,” etc), while the deeper-voiced Jay NiCE brings his signature grit to the song’s back end, flexing on doubters and dropping lines about his bodyguard’s gun in between descriptions of a seafood dinner. (Side note: there’s so much feasting in glamorous locales going on during FAMILI that it could be called More Songs About Buildings and Food….apologies for the terrible Talking Heads joke, but I couldn’t resist). The only things missing from “Scallop Normady” are guest verses from Action Bronson and Smoke DZA. Meanwhile, I’m hungry for a fancy Italian dinner, and it’s not yet 8am; you should probably listen to this one on a full stomach.

Check out the rest of FAMILI (you can find more from RU$H on the same page) as well as more from Jay NiCE

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