Daily Yinz-Madame Dolores-Heart feels like a new muscle

Madame Dolores, according to her website, “seeks to carve out new ‘freedom space,’ a space for artistic practice which is not defined by inherited categories of race, gender and culture.” You can tell from listening to her new album Pantry of Salt and Sugar, a work that was largely improvised, that Madame D doesn’t feel limited by traditional artistic boundaries; songs run wild in all directions, with processed vocals, menacing electronics, and hissing feedback galore. “Heart feels like a new muscle” follows a bobbing bassline through a forest of reverb; Madame D’s raw, expressive voice bumping up against a wall of white noise that sounds, at different points, like a massive swarm of bats flitting through the recording space and a small aircraft taking off right next to the mic. It’s a jarring listen, but it commands attention; it’s definitely unlike anything I’ve heard, and Madame D’s singular vision shines through despite the sonic haze. Do yourself a favor and listen to the rest of Pantry of Salt and Sugar.

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