Daily Yinz-Livefromthecity-Call In Sick

Livefromthecity is a Pittsburgh rapper who has worked with, among many others, recent Bored In Pittsburgh interviewee Clara Kent. His new track, “Call In Sick,” (1Hood Media) is a heart-on-the-sleeve ballad in the vein of Philly rapper/singer PnB Rock’s 2017 hit “Selfish.” Livefromthecity uses the song’s 3 minute runtime to declare his devotion to a significant other against a backdrop of contemplative piano and subdued trap percussion, displaying an impressive sense of melody while doing so. He shows a penchant for stretching words out into long, sustained notes (a la Travis Scott), using those opportunities to layer his rich baritone over itself for some intricate harmonies. Featuring lyrics like ,”You’ll be the death of me/Slow, but it’s painless,” “Call In Sick” is one of those songs that will either have people crying in the club or bouncing around during a romantic, candlelit dinner; probably both. I just listened to it like six times and would recommend that others do the same.

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