Daily Discovery-Lynda Dawn-Fonk Street

Today’s find comes from all the way across the Pond; “Fonk Street” is one of the first singles released from London, UK soul singer Lynda Dawn’s upcoming album At First Light (Akashik Records). This is a great Friday song; the lyrics consist of one repeated mantra that exhorts the listener to “Get up on your feet” and to “let go,” presumably to worries, stress, etc. Sometimes, at the end of the week, you need an English singer that you’ve never met to remind you to have some fun in life. “Fonk Street” feels both vintage and modern, like an EDM song by one of those funky types (think GRiZ, Gramatik, Kill Paris, etc) that incorporates an old disco vocal sample. The instrumental is almost chillwavey, featuring that genre’s trademark chunky bass stabs, turned way up in the mix, along with squiggly bursts of synth chords. There’s even a hint of talkbox in there somewhere, so this song gets the Peter Frampton Stamp of Approval (I don’t think that exists, but we’ll just go with it). “Fonk Street” will make you forget about the mundanities of life long enough to get up and dance for a few minutes, a welcome respite.

Check out more from Lynda Dawn and from Akashik Records

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